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Hattrick is an online football management game, which has almost one million active players world wide. There are over 120 different countries, each with its own league pyramid. The game is free to play.

The basic idea of Hattrick is to manage a football team wisely, whether it be in buying and selling players, setting the team's lineup, or expanding the arena to the perfect size. Every user in Hattrick has a team of his/her own. The user has wide control over their team, and gameplay is mainly limited by economic and tactical restrictions. Many different types of teams exist within Hattrick; the team's type is generally shaped by the training program set up by the user, as well as the formations played.


HT-Dog is a free CHPP approved Hattrick tool to spy the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. You must be registered Hattrick user to be able to use HT-Dog.

The main idea of HT-Dog is to see how your upcoming opponents have played their latest matches and thus give you hints how to hit them where it hurts.

You will be shown statistics with colors comparing ratings in particular areas;
Green = This is a "green light" for YOU, meaning that this is the opponents weakest sector.
Red = Indicates the strongest area of your opponent.
Yellow = Shows the sectors which are somewhere between red and green.
To see verbal ratings move the mouse cursor over the numeric ones.

The team ratings are shown as a mirror image (= the right side is shown on the left and vice versa) because I wanted to imitate Hattrick's team lineup view. This time you're just not looking at the stars of individual players, but the players impact on the sectors of the field.

How to benefit about this information, if at all, is completely up to you.


Enter your Hattrick team id and press Go. HT-Dog uses only public data from Hattrick, so no logging in is required (fetching all data with mikehell's OAuth tokens). This means you can obviously see data with some other team's id, but all the same data could be seen through Hattrick for anyone.

After giving the team id you can select the team that you want to "spy" on. Click "Get data" and the information about the chosen team is received. You can also adjust the information by selecting the preferred match types.



If you feel like HT-Dog is giving you what you need, we are happy to accept all kinds of donations to keep the service running. This is a way to keep the server host happy and make future updates possible.

We have created a PayPal account which will make donating easy and secure. Just click the PayPal icon on the left.


In case you want to contact me, send me HT-mail. My team is Suorat Polvet (257136).

Special thanks to Mighty Greens (134896) manager for helping me out with the hosting!

This application uses information from the online game service This use has been approved by the developers and copyright owners of, Extralives AB
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